Real Estate Development ALISEF BLUE Business Development Management is expertise in managing programs to foster business development in the country and works with resident industries, consultants, and prospects in efforts to expand existing operations and to study various opportunities for improvements, optimization and expansion. Business Development Team at First Dubai ensure stable and dynamic development of the company through the identification and realization of various business and organizational opportunities.

The team is specialist and oriented to cover several tasks that include: Monitoring and studying of clients, market, industry, macro-economic factors & competitors. Identifying & studying of new market opportunities & ways for expansion. Developing strategic relationships & alliances with other companies Expanding relationships with clients. Developing and maintaining of policies & strategies in public/media relations, company’s image, management, brand & product management etc. Studying ways to expand & improve production. Design & prepare customized proposals, packages, reports and presentations to prospective businesses.

Property Management

Property management is the prime focus of the team and this takes the form of preventive maintenance – in which each building under management prepares its own regular reports to identify any potential issues, to ensure effective asset management.

The division is constantly seeking to improve maintenance standards across the portfolio and to adopt best practices across the Group property portfolio – as well as sharing the benefit of this expertise and experience with its third party clients. The protocol for water tank cleaning in residential properties (an important health and safety management issue in any development) has been adopted from the Group’s healthcare experience in managing a leading private hospital and reflects the team’s ability to take a standard and learning from one part of the Group to another, and beyond.

Project Management